About Us

One man had a dream: Barak Lieberman, the owner of two successful Israeli bridge clubs, aspired to create a fast, fun, and user-friendly online space where bridge lovers could practice their game and compete against each other regardless of their location or circumstances. With the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, Barak seized the opportunity and took his bridge clubs online. He discovered a very real need for convenient, practical, and fun online bridge play. Barak did not stop there, since he had experience running bridge clubs during a pandemic, he understood the importance of moving bridge clubs online as easily as possible. Thus, he decided to join forces with the best possible partner to create comprehensive and innovative solutions that will help bridge clubs around the world survive and thrive in these challenging times and beyond. This, while continuing to teach players of all levels and all locations across the globe via his digital school, Bridgeonlineacademy.com.

Thanks to an innovative collaboration with blockchain technology company Jelurida, Barak’s years of experience playing and teaching bridge and their team of top-tier software engineers have all come together to create a first-of-its-kind, breakthrough platform for online bridge play. Our vision is to make playing bridge online as easy as possible for bridge players around the world, no matter where they are, and to play in a secure and state-of-the-art digital space. This truly social game now no longer knows any bounds.

Our Vision

Advanced Bridge Platform

Our goal is to provide a whole new world of online bridge play that perfectly integrates a seamless user interface with a state-of-the-art, feature-rich platform that takes the feel of your bridge club online.

Connecting Bridge Players

We understand that the love of the game is intrinsically connected to the principles of bridge being a social play. In order to do so, we’ve made use of every social feature in the digital “playbook” to connect you with bridge lovers globally. Experience how close you can feel even when you are thousands of miles away using our advanced video conferencing system

Providing comprehensive solutions for all

If you are a bridge club owner who wants to advance to the online world or a bridge federation that needs online management solutions, or even a bridge instructor who wants guided play and pre-made hands for lessons you’ve come to the right place. Throughout 2022, we’ll roll out many of the groundbreaking online tools and solutions we have in store for you.

What Makes
Us Different?

Our Features

Say goodbye to convoluted, confusing and outdated bridge platforms, and hello to 100% online yet face-to-face play, as if players are sitting together, at their favorite club.

Our Infrastructure

Built to allow many hours of fun play, the Bridge Champ platform was designed and developed by leading software engineers with speed and convenience, and transparency in mind.


Our token based payment infrastructure and payment gateway are based on blockchain technology, creating an incentive layer for Bridge Champ users to earn tokens based on a reliable and decentralized source for fair bridge play.

Real Club Experience

Players enter virtual game rooms that mimic real club environments, allowing for maximum social interaction while playing and competing using our advanced video conferencing system.

Advanced mobile app

Using our advanced and intuitive free mobile app, bridge players around the world can improve their bridge playing skills and enjoy playing wherever they are.

Player Prioritization

We always keep bridge players and their needs front and center. We readily accept feedback and tips, and seek to integrate them into the platform to optimize the online experience.

Who is behind
Bridge Champ

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