With Bridge online, you can say goodbye to awkward, out-of-date and inflexible bridge-playing platforms and hello to a user-friendly, robust and comprehensive ecosystem of advanced and inclusive technologies.

Bridge Champ combines the expertise, knowledge, and experience of bridge game play, with security, transparency, and tokenization based on Jelurida’s blockchain technology. Together, these “partners in play” create a fast, fun, and responsive game experience AND an in-game economy for tamper-proof competition registration and organization.

Discover infinite new rewards from the partnership of online bridge play and blockchain. Read Jelurida’s whitepaper here.

How it will benefit bridge players?

Blockchain technology enhances credibility, trust, accountability, and transparency for data sharing across a network. As bridge is a competitive sport, maintaining the integrity of the platform and avoiding fraud is a priority for us, which is why our platform is based on blockchain technology.

Additionally, Bridge is a social game, but when played remotely, many people are hesitant to participate due to a perceived lack of authenticity. Blockchain possesses unlimited potential for situations requiring high levels of security and transparency.

In conjunction with Bridge Champ’s fast, responsive, and easy-to-navigate Bridge playing platform, it provides Bridge Champ’s users with the best, most reliable online bridge experience ever!

Decentralized Bridge Playing Platform Gone are the days of being locked into a single game with any given token, or getting stuck with surplus tokens.
Our IGNIS token will enable you to pay for multiple games and services, including outside the game, with any supported third-party service. Pay IGNIS to play, or seamlessly exchange for other tokens or fiat currencies, as you need.

Gaming Online and Blockchain

Gaming online is not only fun, a great way to keep socially engaged amid a pandemic, and keeps your brain active, it’s also a growing industry we should all be aware of. With the gaming industry growing, fraud and misuse of data are escalating, and offering rewards through blockchain technology encourages users to participate in games, confident that their money and details are secure.

Proof of play

Start earning tokens, simply for playing, and earn even more IGNIS, based on your game achievements.

Proof of outcome

Register your achievements on the blockchain so that they exist outside any specific game domain and can be shared globally, leaving no room for disputes.

No foul play

Ensure the information pertaining to any transaction is actual and legitimate, and not manipulated by any particular person or platform.

Real-world benefits

Use your hard-earned tokens outside the game with any supported third-party service provider.

Covid & online bridge

The novel corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak and subsequent lock downs have forced many bridge clubs to close their doors, causing players around the world to seek social interaction online, causing online bridge gaming to explode.

As Bridge Champ integrates video conferencing with fair, reliable, and secure blockchain technology, it offers a socially distant, yet maximally social gaming experience to every player on their own digital device.

What the future holds?

Tokenize The Casual Gaming Industry

We aim to allow players to maintain status through platforms while playing their favorite online games by using fungible tokens.

Bridge Is Only The Beginning

It is the goal of Jelurida, the company behind Bridge Champ, to tokenize the entire online gaming industry, and the social game of bridge serves as a perfect starting point.

For more information

Take advantage of the token economy, backed by blockchain technology. Get on board the journey towards making the world of casual online gaming more secure, so that we can all have more fun.