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Online Bridge

Play with people from around the world

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor lockdown will keep you from playing your favorite social and intellectual game ever again!


We are on a mission to bring the highest quality bridge playing experience to bridge lovers everywhere! We want to make bridge play accessible to the masses! Our team of highly experienced teachers, avid players, software engineers and online user experience experts have created an extremely user-friendly interface to help accommodate any level of digital orientation. Our passion for excellence harnesses  the teachings of Bridge Online Academy and  the newest, fastest, most innovative technology to nurture new levels of socialization. We envision an online reality that respects the players and their need for a real club feel that is accessible from anywhere, while protecting their personal space and putting their needs and their comfort front and center!

Why Bridge Champ?

Play With People Around the World

Up your game and partner with your best possible teammate from a pool of the world’s biggest bridge lovers. Get to meet new people and play face-to-face, 100% online, 24/7 and for FREE.

Fraud Free platform

Play with peace of mind that your tournament buy-ins and wins will always go to their rightful owners, when competing in our cheat-free zone. Blockchain technology enables tamper-proof registration of game achievements on a global ledger accessible to all, always.

A one-of-a-kind platform

Leveraging the latest technology and a sleek, easy to navigate design, Bridge Champ is the ultimate, user-friendly platform, backed by blockchain technology to enhance security, transparency, and economy, from competition registration & organization, to token mining and more.

Realistic Game

Bridge Champ emulates real-life, face-to-face bridge play in an online environment, so you get the bridge club feel, from the comfort of your couch.

Coming Soon...

Bridge Champ will be compatible with all types of devices

Adapted to all types of devices




To enjoy the full gaming experience we will introduce a game bot to provide company for players without a partner or for players who just want to play without human interaction. Unlike many other mind games where bots are practically unbeatable by humans, bridge bots are notoriously difficult to implement. We will initially introduce a basic solution and gradually improve it over time. Our main goal is to provide a bot that understands its partner and not force its partner to comply with the bot conventions. In the future we intend to open bot development for 3rd parties and implement a token-based revenue sharing between the platform and bot developers.

Casual Game

Random deals of cards are played on different tables by different pairs so that multiple pairs can play the same deal as other tables for comparison purposes. Casual game is flexible and dynamic, players can join and leave, tables can be opened and closed. This mode of play demonstrates the full bridge gaming user experience but without the rigid tournament setup. In this mode all game features are available including video and audio chat.


The novel concept of a non-fungible token represents a one-of-a-kind unique online reward or an important gaming achievement that cannot be faked or duplicated. NFTs are registered on a distributed ledger as an authenticity proof.


Single player card game, sharing many of the rules with contract bridge.

Bridge Champ token

We introduce a novel game economy where players and game organizers share an internal token that is not only fully exchangeable to traditional “money” but also has its own internal value.
The Bridge Champ token can be minted and rewarded based on game and tournament achievements. The BC token is a placeholder for the IGNIS cryptocurrency based on the first child chain of the Ardor platform developed by Jelurida.


Simplified version of contract bridge more suitable for newcomers and casual players.

Mobile App

Bridge Champ can be played using a website setup or a mobile app (Android or iOS). Most features are supported in both configurations but card layouts in the mobile app are designed to support a smaller form factor.

Tournament Game

The full gaming experience including a bridge club like pre-defined tables, movements and scoring. Tournaments are created by the directors and support various invitation and monitoring setups as expected from a full fledge contract bridge playing platform.