The Red Sea Bridge Festival is sponsored by Bridge Champ

A bridge festival is held in Eilat, Israel each year since it was founded 26 years ago.
With Bridge Champ’s sponsorship, we were able to introduce more than 1,000 players to the Bridge Champ platform, allowing them to play and enjoy the game by sitting across the table on a computer.
Bridge players were delighted to discover that the platform truly mimics an authentic bridge club experience but allows players to play from anywhere at any time.
Our platform has received a lot of excellent suggestions about how to improve it for bridge players playing online, along with a great deal of positive feedback encouraging us to keep working towards our vision.
It was wonderful to see the results of our year’s hard work and know that players were enjoying themselves on our new platform.
It filled us with more hope for bridge online as we were overwhelmed by how welcoming and accepting they were.
We received hundreds of new signups and users who are now actively playing casual bridge on our platform.
In the coming months, there will be many new and important features introduced.
We are looking forward to participating in the next bridge festival.


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